About Us


The Zekeriyaköy Sports Club [ZSK] believes a sound mind can only be in a sound body.
The club focuses on tennis, table tennis, basketball and nature walks to plan activities that develop a sportsmanship culture.

ZSK is not just a ‘sports club’. ZSK is the protector of the neighborhood and neighborliness against lifestyles that accelerate and lose quality the faster they go.

ZSK encourages guests to make intellectual connections with themselves, each other and nature. The club has undertaken the mission to provide guests and patrons with the right atmosphere to enjoy life and their neighborhood.

ZSK keeps in mind the fact that amateur comes from the Latin word for love (amare) and holds it doors open to everyone who does sports with enjoyment. Also the club’s claim in the professional field is being registered as a club accredited by the Turkish Tennis Federation.

ZSK is a locally based club that has adopted global standards. The founders and the employees place importance on sourcing everything locally, all the way down to the food that is served. But as a nonprofit organization presenting this wealth to the local public is the club’s reason for existence.

In the 18 decares of land, 4 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, 1 half basketball court and social facility designed like a large living room, ZSK fulfills the needs of guests to do sports, eat and drink and socialize. From bridge to live music, special events to summer schools our club is pleased to host adults and children.

To be a part of this relaxing but dynamic, comfortable but courteous work open to both individual and sharing focused development, you can become a member of the Zekeriyaköy Sports Club or come for a visit.