The ZSK Association Code of Conduct

Name and Headquarters of the Association

Article 1 – The name of the association is ZEKERİYAKÖY SPORTS CLUB ASSOCIATION. The headquarters is located in Istanbul. No branches will be opened.

The Purpose of the Association and the Subjects of Work to be Conducted Towards this Purpose, the Types and Areas of Activity

Article 2 – The purpose of the association is to contribute to the physical and mental development of young people with sports activities, to reinforce their patriotism, sense of solidarity and friendship, to make sure they behave according to general courtesy and sportsman like conduct, to instill an amateur athlete spirit, to popularize amateur sports and to enable members of all ages to utilize their spare time with social and cultural activities to keep the community morale high.

The Subjects and Types of Work to be Conducted by the Association

1- Provide members with the resources to do sports, organize sports competitions and participate in competitions organized by other organizations,

2- Conduct research to develop and make activities more effective,

3- Organize courses, seminars, conferences and panels for education and organize competitions,

4-Procure all manner of information, certificates, documents and publications to achieve the association’s purpose, create a documentation center, issue bulletins about the work and other information through publications like newspapers, magazines and books to be distributed to members,

5- Provide a healthy working environment for working towards the purpose, procure all manner of technical tools and equipment, appliances and stationary materials,

6- Collect donations for charities with the necessary permission and accept donations from within the country and abroad,

7- Establish and operate economic, commercial and industrial businesses to attain the necessary revenue to realize the association’s purpose,

8-Open and furnish a club, social and cultural facilities for the use of members to utilize their spare time,

9- Organize dinner meetings, concerts, ballets, theatres, exhibits, sports, travel and entertainment activities or enable members to participate in such activities to reinforce social relations between the members,

10- Buy, sell, rent and rent out movable and immovable properties and issue limited property rights needed for the association operations,

11- Establish a foundation, a federation or join a federation if necessary for the association operations, establish facilities that associations may establish with the necessary permission,

12- Be involved in international activities, join international associations or organizations and do joint work or cooperate with such organizations on a project basis,

13- If deemed necessary for achieving the purpose, reserving all rights to the Law no. 5072 on the Relations of Associations and Foundations with Public Organizations and Agencies, to conduct joint projects with public organizations and agencies that fall into their field of activity,

14- Establish a fund to fulfill association member needs for food, beverages, other goods and services and short term loans,

15- Open representative offices where deemed necessary to conduct the association’s work,

16 – Form platforms in fields relevant to the association’s purpose where it is not prohibited, with other associations or foundations, syndicates and similar non-governmental organizations to achieve a shared purpose,