• We host federation tournaments.
  • We work with Turkey’s best trainers.
  • We help young people gain success in performance tennis.
  • We embrace athletes of all ages and levels.
  • We make learning tennis fun.
  • We bring neighbors together with in club tournaments.


  • We see bridge as a sport of the mind.
  • We play with coaches recognized in their field.
  • We give classes to members and nonmembers.
  • 104 Athletes at our club play tennis.

Table Tennis

  • We make table tennis likable.
  • We organize annual tournaments
  • 14 Athletes at our club play table tennis.


  • By giving our neighborhood kids and anyone who feels ready for basketball the opportunity to create their own teams we reinforce our neighborhood culture.
  • We have 29 players who are still learning and playing bridge.

Summer School

  • We believe in our neighborhood’s kids.
  • We provide a setting where our children between ages 5-15 can improve themselves both physically and mentally in the summer and after school.

Special Events

  • Meetings are organized in the ‘Kantin’ and we organize special events. In this venue, designed so that ZSC guests can ‘catch their breath’ in a comfortable setting, we cater to your palate with healthy treats and feed your soul with the surrounding greenery. We see this as not just a place for eating but as a place for relaxing, reading a book and chatting with a cup of coffee.
  • By organizing ‘New Year Tournaments,’ ‘Father’s Day Camp,’ ‘The Belgrad Run,’ traditional ‘New Year’s Parties’, holiday celebrations and live music nights we create opportunities to spend quality time with our families and each other.
    We announce these special organizations over our social media accounts.