Conditions for Membership at the Zekeriyaköy Sports Club

A. Membership

1- 1. Membership in the Zekeriyaköy Sports Club is a lifetime membership. Members have the right to

  • Attend the General Assembly,
  • Elect and be elected to the foundation organs,
  • Participate in sports as a player in the branches of sports that the foundation is active in,
  • Benefit from the foundation’s social and sports facilities in accordance with the program and regulations determined by the Board of Directors.

2- The spouses and children up to 18 years of age of members may also benefit from the rights of members.

3- Member children between 18-26 years of age may become a member at a 50% discount.

4- In order to be a member of the foundation,

  • You must apply with the reference of 2 members,
  • You must pay the one time entrance donation determined by the Board and the membership fees for the current year and subsequent years,

5- To continue being a member the annual membership fees determined by the General Board and the shares of construction and development for the social-sports facilities must be paid.

6- Also members must pay the sports fee and hourly enclosed court fees determined by the Board when they wish to play.
7- Members may bring a guest free of charge 6 times a year.

Temporary Membership

  1. Foreign nationals who are in Turkey temporarily may utilize this system
  2. Temporary Members are different from ZSK Members as follows:
  • They cannot attend the General Assembly meetings and cannot elect or be elected.
  • This membership is valid for one year.
  • The annual fee for Temporary Members who wish to use the club facilities to play tennis has been determined as 600 Euro. These members do not pay an annual service fee in addition to this.
  1. Temporary Members
  • May play in the open courts by paying only the lighting fee.
  • They may bring a guest free of charge 6 times a year.

The Service Fee for 2016(*)

Annual Member Fee   500 TL
Member Spouse Annual Fee   250 TL
Entry Fee (will be increased gradually)    

4.000 TL

Member Spouse Tennis Fee
Temporary Member Tennis Fee 1 year 600 Euro

(*) The Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes in the amount and form of Service Fees.



  • Filled out Membership Application Form
  • Membership Application Form signed by two club members
  • Copy of Identification Card (front and back)
  • 2 Photographs
  • Payment of entry fee
Our Bank Account / IBAN Numbers:
Bank TEB Bankası
Branch Zekeriyaköy Şubesi
Branch Code 370
Iban Number (TRY) TR83 0003 2000 0000 0060 9256 79

Membership Forms